New Video from Jinwar

The construction of Jinwar is continuing. The people of Rojava are part of the construction of Jinwar with their hearts and souls. Currently they are building houses with clay bricks they made themselves. Also the work on the fields is going on. Trees are growing, houses are rising, the community is growing, peoplesยด personalities are growing and with all of this, also the hope to be able to build a free society in the Federation of Northern Syria.

As the circumstances in the dry and hot region of Northern Syria do not leave space for hestitation or to be too slow, we need a lot of joint power and a strong collective will. Many Institutions, Komunes and the people of the Self-organization Structures of TEV-DEM and KONGREYA STAR in Rojava are helping in doing shifts. Every day another institution joins the construction works! This way the houses can be build fast and everybody is feeling as part of this wonderful initiative.

Till now we did all this with all that we have ourselves, without any help from outside. Now we are asking you to have also a little bit of you. We need help for the most urgent things like working gloves, working clothes or tools but also to share your ideas, your abilities, your emotion. In a few weeks we will share a list of what is needed, but of course you can add to this list whatever you think you can share. We also want to share everything that is done in Jinwar, every effort and every sorrow or difficulty with you.

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